"My Room" featured on the homepage of 2 time Australian Masters winner Bradley Hughes.

For all my golfers out there, check out the brand new site of 2 time Australian Masters winner Bradley Hughes. Bradley offers a top notch drill series that will open your eyes on the golf swing. Learning the proper swing dynamics from a player of his caliber is quite the experience. I’m proud to call Bradley a friend and humbled that he’s decided to feature the instrumental version of “My Room” on his homepage. Check it out!! http://www.bradleyhughesgolf.com/

"Out of Control" video hits 200,000 views on YouTube.

Fantastic week for the “Out of Control” video. You guys are really showing this record some Love with the total views on YouTube hitting the 200,000 mark. That’s awesome and I can’t Thank You enough:) - J.O’C

"Out of Control" video breaks 20,000 views in first week.

Thanks everybody for checking out the “Out of Control” video during its first week. We were able to break the 20,000 views mark and it’s still going strong. Thanks again to Bacil and producer Kynetik for a great collaboration on the track and to the film crew DoubleJ in Slovakia for shooting and editing a great video. Special shout out to John Kurimai (Ashley Red) for helping with the filming in Las Vegas.

"Out of Control" - Bacil feat. Josh O'Connor coming soon

Artwork for the single "Out of Control" Bacil feat. Josh O'Connor

New single and video coming soon for a brand new track called “Out of Control”. This is an international collaboration between myself, Slovakian Artist “Bacil” and Slovakian Producer “Kynetik”. Worldwide collaborations in this Digital Age…no boundaries. Stay tuned!

Colosseum at Caesar's Palace

Josh O'Connor sings to packed house at the Colosseum inside Caesar's Palace


Had an amazing week of performances at Caesar’s Palace. Singing on the Colosseum stage was incredible!!

Mr. Disco

Tom Hanks had “Wilson” in Cast Away. I have Mr. Disco.

Been a very productive Dec. so far. Working on alot of music right now. Some for other artists, some for Film and TV, some for me. I plan on releasing a new 6 song EP coming in January. Falling in love with Ableton Live 8 too. Seems to be the perfect combo of stage and studio. Life is good.